Since time began, there has been a variety of different ways of storing and packaging drinks. From the humble bottle to the Tetra Pak, this packaging has evolved over time to make it stronger and more appealing to buyers. If you’re thinking of releasing a new drink, we’ve put together a handy guide to the different forms of drink packaging, to help you make the choice easier.

All kinds of different flavours and tastes are catered for in this simple design and it is particularly popular for carbonated beverages, with many competing multi national brands choosing this design to distribute their drinks. Another great feature of this packaging design is that it can be opened without any extra implements or tools. Whether it is the pull off tab, or the ring pull tab, you can access your drink quickly and conveniently wherever you are. In more recent years, these cans have become more easily recyclable through household waste, making them a popular choice for a range of drinks. The one downside to this method is that the drink must be consumed in full once opened, as there is no way of resealing the drink. 

Tetra Pak
The Tetra Pak is another popular choice of drinks packaging, which was created by a multinational company in Sweden. This plastic coated paper carton is quite commonly used for children’s drinks, as they are light, easy to transport, and usually have a straw attached, which is convenient for children to drink from. More recently, milk has been sold in this packaging with a screw top lid. The great thing about this type of packaging is the shelf life is extended due to the process that is involved in preserving the contents before the Tetra Pak is filled. As companies come under pressure to the environmentally friendly, this is another drinks packaging choice that is easily recycled.

Glass Bottle
Glass bottles were once used from everything from carbonated drinks to milk, but there has been a steady decline in their use, due to the upsurge in cans and plastics. However, one drink still uses glass bottles as the first choice for storage. A common form of glass drinks packaging that is easily recognisable across the globe is the packaging used for wine; whilst the shape of the bottle has evolved slightly over time, this innovative way of storing this alcoholic beverage has stood the test of time. Wine most commonly comes in a glass bottle that is shaped at the neck. These bottles come in a range of colours, however their distinctive shape makes them easy to spot when out and about. The ‘punt’ at the top of the bottle increases the strength of the bottle, reduces the risk of breakages in transport and makes the bottle easy to clean prior to packaging. 

Sports cap bottles
A drink that is easy to have on the go, and whilst taking part in sporting activity is the water bottle with a ‘sports top lid’. This innovative lid has transformed a simple plastic bottle in to one that can be easily used on the go, is easily resalable and convenient for adult and children alike. Again, with the environmental impact in mind, these are now being recycled through house hold waste making it a popular choice. The sports top lid means that the person who is drinking it has less risk of spillage and it can be used easily during sporting events. Shops are stocking a wider range of drinks packaged using this design, and even children’s drinks can be found in with these tops.

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