Avid Solutions Inc. (avidsolutionsinc.com), a global provider of automation, industrial IT and smart manufacturing solutions with offices in the U.S. and Brazil, has partnered with Adents (adents.com), a leading provider of versatile and easily deployable serialization and track-and-trace software solutions, to offer highly advanced and reliable safety and security software implementation options. Avid Solutions will become a supplier of Adents serialization software to its customers.

“This partnership allows Avid Solutions to offer an effective, comprehensive serialization solution for our customers, mainly in Life Sciences and pharmaceuticals, but also in food and beverage and consumer packaged goods,” says Eric Mayer, business development manager at Avid Solutions Inc. “This solution can also be rapidly implemented to achieve FDA compliance per the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).”

When it comes to achieving compliance, minimizing counterfeiting or enriching marketing, Adents unit identification and traceability software solution is extremely flexible, easily scalable, and deploys quickly. With Adents’ Pharma Suite serialization software, companies can accelerate the path to compliance, keep abreast of consumer safety, innovate with new communication channels, and get more market insight. Adents also helps companies leverage big data and gain competitive advantage through use of a personalized method of connecting brands to their markets with unique product identification. Brands also use the company’s software to comply with regulations on product traceability.

“Avid Solutions is a valued, fully trained partner ready to deploy Adents serialization solutions helping Life Science companies comply with the fast approaching DSCSA deadline in 2017 in a more efficient and cost effective approach,” says James Cummings, VP Americas for Adents Americas. “By using our software tools and global track and trace experience, Avid Solutions has increased the company’s safety and security implementation capabilities.”

With offices in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Atlanta and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Avid Solutions works with companies in the chemical, food and beverage, Life Sciences, power generation and pulp and paper industries in the U.S. and abroad. The partnership with Adents also offers increased utilization of the company’s EVO or ‘Exploring Value Opportunities’ process of developing solutions in direct response to the changing demands of its many customers.