China's bottled water consumption rose by 9% in 2014 to 69 billion litres, according to a new report from a leading food and drink consultancy Zenith International ( The market's value has increased 91% since 2010 and reached over $22 billion in 2014.

The leading brands are Nongfu Spring, Master Kong from Ting Hsin, Wahaha, C'estbon from Hua Run and Ganten. There are, however, significant differences between each region and the market is highly fragmented.

"China's bottled water market is complex, with consumption habits varying by province. Regional companies are showing great success by providing bespoke services to meet the needs of local consumers, whereas national companies thrive where brand names are trusted," says Zenith market intelligence director Esther Renfrew.

Among other findings in the 2015 Zenith Report on China Bottled Water:
• Consumption per person reached 50 litres in 2014, well ahead of the Asia Pacific average at 32 litres and an increase of 19 litres over 2010.
• The market is highly fragmented, with national players facing competition from leading regional players within provinces.
• Bulk water remains the dominant pack format, while mid-size packaging from 2.1 to 10 litres has doubled its volume share since 2010.

Zenith forecasts that the Chinese bottled water market will expand a further 58% by 2019.