Create It Packaging ( announces its foray into standardized case studies in 2016. Following years of acute focus on customer service, the packaging design company will take stock of its efforts to support companies of various industries in such areas as product launches, rebranding and packaging updates.

The first case study will analyze Create It’s 19-year relationship with Verdian Healthcare, an importer and distributor of diagnostic equipment to durable medical equipment dealers, national chain stores, and online merchants. View examples of Veridian Healthcare packaging in the folding carton section of the Create It
Packaging online portfolio.

Like many companies throughout the last two decades, Veridian Healthcare has undergone regime changes. Since 1997, however, Create It Packaging has consistently been entrusted by Veridian’s leadership teams with packaging design needs. The healthcare company’s durable medical product lines have changed with technology throughout the years, requiring Create It to build packaging around new and evolved products. As a result, Create It has been called upon to help introduce new lines with exciting packaging designs, as well as enhance the purchase appeal of tried and tested products with newly branded packaging. The latest of their contributions involves the privately labeled iHealth line of blood pressure monitors which Veridian supplies to national Meijer’s stores. In the coming months, iHealth is expected to release new products which will appear on a POP display designed by Create It and intended for installation on end-caps to showcase smart products that monitor blood pressure, pulse, body composition, and fitness. Also designed for Veridian is the updated packaging of its Metallic Style arm and wrist blood pressure monitors sold online by a variety of retailers, from Walgreen’s to Home Shopping Network.

Create It Packaging is a package design company that customizes packaging prototypes or mock-ups to meet the needs of brand managers, creative directors and
marketing teams seeking short-run production. The company provides nationwide customer service for Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups.