Comar LLC (, a market-leading supplier of printed dosage cups, has commissioned its third dosage cup printer. The company can now increase production capacity and speed to allow for a stable supply of its existing 20 mL, 30 mL, and 60 mL dosage cups, especially in the event of a surge in demand. Additional production flexibility also allows the company to continue adding new products. The new production line includes proprietary technology developed by Comar to reliably match the correct printing plate to each cup produced, and to consistently assure an accurate application of cup markings. These measures result in the recognized quality and accuracy of Comar dosage cups.

Liquid medication manufacturers often package their liquid medication products with dosing devices to assure an accurate dose is administered. Comar was the first company to print measurement markings on the outside of its dosage cups. Using durable, FDA compliant, food grade inks, the Comar AccuCup® is a stronger and safer alternative to embossed dosage cups, particularly in liquid-drug dispensing applications where “clearly visible accuracy” and synchronizing with the packaging label instructions are important.

“We are committed to being the market leader for Printed Dosage Cups,” says Michael Ruggieri, CEO and President of Comar. “Over the years, we’ve developed internal systems to control accuracy of line location, quality of print, and certainty of applying the correct marking to the correct product. Our latest investment will assure dosage manufacturers they’ll have a reliable supply.” 

AccuCup® is now being offered to the general and pediatric market with the flexibility to fit industry standard closures sizes, check here for more information. Drug manufacturers and packagers now have an “affordable and quick option” to enable the printing of custom measurements, product brands and instructions in up to 2 colors, on the outside of a standard, physical blank-cup design. The customer will also have the added advantage of engaging Comar’s Engineering Design Team to develop a “custom rib configuration” inside the AccuCup® to fit unique cap designs. Additionally, AccuCup® is available in a “Stock-Standard Cup” design with generic markings of up to 60mL.