Historically, companies looking for a coder to print barcodes, expiry and lot date in a packaging environment really only had one major print technology to consider – Continuous InkJet (CIJ). It could print on almost everything, from metal to plastics and more. However, it came at a price – complex operation, costly downtime issues and the interminable smell from the solvent used. Today, however, there is an alternative that overcomes all the problems previously encountered – HP Thermal InkJet (HP TIJ) from inc.jet.


Packaging Strategies: So what’s the problem with CIJ?

Martin French, marketing director at inc.jet: A CIJ Printer is a complex piece of equipment with many pumps, pressure regulators, valves and electronics. All of this comes at a cost in terms of reliability and maintenance. They are all a point of failure and do require upkeep on an ongoing basis, from cleaning to filter replacement and the addition of makeup fluid. As this is a skilled exercise and one that often requires external services, this can be a significant cost in the long run.

Then there’s the mess and the smell. You know if someone is using a CIJ Printer by the ink stains all over the floor and equipment and the pervading odor of solvents in the air. We have a large scale installation where the workers complained so much that the plant manager replaced over 70 CIJ lines.


PS: And what’s the solution?

French: TIJ solutions have come of age in the packaging industry. What was once a stretch for the technology in printing on non-porous substrates has now become the norm with the introduction of solvent based inks into the product portfolio.

The many downsides of CIJ – maintenance, cleanliness and complexity – are overcome with HP TIJ. There is no maintenance – every time you swap a print cartridge, you get a new printer; it’s effortlessly simple and deskilled – just plug it in and go It also has the greatest uptime and reliability and comes with a 100% total lifetime warranty.

For those of you that have had enough of your CIJ printer, perhaps it is time to say no to it and look to a different and better alternative.

inc.jet supplies rugged and effective variable data printing equipment and solutions to companies in the industrial packaging, graphics and mailing markets throughout the world. Incorporating TIJ 2.5 technology from Hewlett-Packard and with over 40,000 print heads installed though the world, inc.jet has proven and solid solutions for all variable data coding and marking.

For further information, go to www.incjet.com/NoCIJ.