Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and being selected for funding through ABC’s Shark Tank program, Bryce Hudson, star of the X-Games and off-road motorcyclist has developed Grip Clean, a new hand cleaner that is developed from all natural products.

After scouring the market in this area, Hudson was unable to find cleaners that would remove grease, oil and dirt without using chemicals and detergents that were potentially just as harmful if absorbed into the skin. Grip Clean’s combination of vegetable oils and dirt is harmless to the skin and the dirt actually helps lift off chemicals and grease by binding with it and removing it when rinsing.

Having developed the product, Hudson sought to find a packaging supplier that shared his vision and, working with M&H Plastics (, part of the RPC Group of companies, Grip Clean became a packaged, retail ready product.

On working with M&H, Hudson praised the company for its flexibility, “I was surprised that such a capable and global company were able be flexible enough to cope with my needs but they came through and helped me every step of the way. I’m delighted with the end product that was produced in just a few weeks from the initial concept.”