Tri State Distribution (, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of prescription packaging, container and marketing technology, launches 1-2-3 Systems™, a breakthrough prescription packaging system that helps patients better understand when and how to take their prescriptions. Importantly, 1-2-3 Systems is designed to strengthen pharmacists’ ability to improve medication adherence and compliance, especially those on Med Sync programs.

1-2-3 Systems provides a solution to one of the biggest challenges affecting patient compliance—confusing medication instructions or “SIGS,” which address everything from medicine dosage to routine. These directions vary wildly from physician to physician and regularly puzzle patients, especially those who take multiple medications at different times in a single day. 1-2-3 not only simplifies daily routine, but it allows pharmacies to easily handle a doctor’s medication substitution instructions in the middle of a patient’s planned prescription regimen.

Featuring optimized pill containers combined with a high-capacity pill tray, 1-2-3 Systems is built on simplicity, common sense and results. Each container can be fitted with a color-coded cap and frequency grid that matches colors with dosage timing and frequency. The optional pill tray can be easily synchronized with the containers and allows customers to dose their own medications at home. It features high-volume compartments and a unique design that allows each individual compartmental removal that increases convenience and portability, and even custom advertising space for pharmacies.

“Pharmacists have searched for years for a way to simplify medication instructions for patients who struggle to understand complicated medication schedules,” says Joe Miceli, president of Tri State Distribution. “Until now, pharmacies have tried using expensive pouch dispensing machines, time-consuming blister packs, or other products such as electronic caps that aren’t proactive in helping patients to take their medication correctly. Products that only serve to alert you if you’ve skipped a dose don’t help to remind you to take the right dose at the right time, and that is what adherence and compliance is all about.”

“1-2-3 is a breakthrough because it translates complex and varying physician orders into one common set of instructions that not only can help increase patient adherence and compliance, but also assist pharmacies in raising their performance in federal government quality ratings,” continues Miceli.

Health plans are coming under rising pressure from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to boost their star ratings. 1-2-3’s ability to improve patient compliance as part of medicine synchronization programs, combined with its compatibility with the latest and most advanced automated dispensing systems, gives pharmacies the necessary tools to increase performance on crucial quality measurements and protect key relationships with insurance providers.

“TSD works alongside pharmacists to develop and implement smart solutions to meet their customer and business needs,” adds Dave Miceli, vice president of Tri State Distribution. “1-2-3 is the latest in our line of products, programs and services to assist pharmacists in delivering the highest quality care, education and support to their customers, while simultaneously strengthening their businesses and improving profits.”