METTLER TOLEDO's ( PCE T2620 is a compact system for the track & trace labeling­ of cartons in accordance with the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act in the U.S., and other global regulations. This labeling and verification system will help pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) meet stricter global serialization regulations.

The two T2620 models, for cartons up to 150 mm wide and up to 250 mm wide, support the track & trace-compliant printing­ of serial numbers, batch numbers, expiration dates and static product identifiers on the carton, together with a data matrix code containing the identical serialization information. The system’s camera then verifies the accuracy and­ quality of the printed information.

The compact design saves production­­ space, and the system can be easily integrated into new production lines or added to­­ existing­­ ones. The system features the latest METTLER TOLEDO frame technology, making it stable and vibration-free. It also ensures precise mechanical product transfer and a smooth and­ secure product flow. The T2620 transfer unit takes cartons directly from the cartoner, and then uses the user interface on its terminal to call up stored­ product data. Using manual settings, the system can be adapted to new products and carton dimensions.

The printer unit enters serialization data and codes on the front or rear side of the cartons. Cartons with data successfully­ verified by the camera system are stored in an internal database. Cartons that do not meet the requirements of ISO 15415 during the inline validation of the print quality or the data matrix code, or that are otherwise defective or illegible, are ejected into the reject bin.

The T2620 system has a throughput­ rate of up to 400 cartons per minute.