The functionality of Markem-Imaje's SmartDate thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) coders has been extended with an optional add-on that prevents product recalls and scrap by verifying the presence, position and quality of printed codes directly on film packaging.

Detect-Plus assesses prints on each pack ensuring codes do not jeopardize compliance through their absence, or package appeal by misplacement. Ribbon check systems, by contrast, can tell you the code has been printed but not that it was at the wrong angle or missed the pack entirely.

The compact and adjustable print and detect system is designed to fit easily into the majority of medium- to high-volume packaging lines. Paired with the SmartDate X60, Detect-Plus checks and confirms quality at a rate of up to 350 packs per minute at 300 dpi. Its IP65 rating (standard on camera, optional on SmartDate coders) makes it ideal for challenging production environments.

Once installed, the SmartDate user interface immediately interacts with the camera to check and confirm conformity of the code on the pack. In case of a fault, the user interface will automatically emit a warning for corrective action.

The Detect-Plus system is compatible with all SmartDate X-Series ribbons. When used with ribbon saving modes, Detect-Plus users will get up to 20 percent in ribbon savings. Because Detect-Plus checks the product, not the ribbon, its code validation process is not compromised when the ribbon saving mode is activated.

The system is a kit that can be purchased new with, or retrofitted to, SmartDate X40 or SmartDate X60 coders.