Hammer Packaging (hammerpackaging.com) announces the addition of a Mark Andy Performance Series Flexo Press with a Rotoflex finishing system. The new 17-inch, 10 color P7 press includes combination hot air drying/UV curing, a Mark Andy QCDC (Quick Change Die Cut) unit, web turnbar, cold foil and lamination capabilities.

"In selecting this new press we were focused on lead time efficiency, specifically in terms of changeovers, speed of the press, and overall quality of the completed work," says Jim Hammer, president & CEO. "The width of the machine was also an excellent fit for our mix of work, complementing our existing portfolio of high-end UV flexo equipment."

Throughout our more than 100-year history, Hammer Packaging has staked its success on investment in leading-edge technologies and innovations. We are excited about our growing flexo presence in the packaging market.