Cheer the everyday with Underwood Sparkling, a can of bubbles that’s meant for celebrations: the big, the small and the just-finished-the-laundry kind of accomplishments. Union Wine Co.’s brand-new wine features tasting notes of white peach, apple and lemon and it’s wine glass optional. So here’s to getting through a Monday, an epic day on Mt. Hood and everything in between.

Union Wine Co. is an Oregon-based winery known for their #pinkiesdown philosophy and the OG wine in a can. The Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris cans were launched at Feast Portland in 2013. Since then, Union has continued to lead the "beerification of wine" movement with the addition of their canned rosé in 2015, and now the new sparkling. All four Underwood wines are inspired by the independent spirit and character of Oregon.

It’s hard to keep your pinky up when you’re drinking wine from a 375 mL can. These are the most approachable and ready-to-travel anywhere wines we produce. Whether you’re sitting in a hot tub after a good day of riding or heading where other wines dare not travel, we have you covered without sacrificing the craft taste Union is known for.

  • Underwood Sparkling tasting notes: White peach, apple, and lemon
  • Underwood Pinot Noir tasting notes: Cherries, raspberries, and chocolate
  • Underwood Rosé tasting notes: Strawberry, watermelon, and peach
  • Underwood Pinot Gris tasting notes: Peach, grapefruit, and pear

Underwood Sparkling Wine cans are available at select retailers nationwide and online.