Guarachi Wine Partners recently began importing Cuvée Deor a collection of Italian sparkling wines. Currently available in Georgia, Tennessee and Colorado, Guarachi Wine Partners plans to expand Deor into 25 new markets this fall and nationwide in 2018.

Deor means “golden” in Italian. Deor is reminiscent of the opulent Venetian lifestyle during the Republic times. Each bottle is painted in a traditional Venetian technique by a Venetian artist with gold paint and glitter. The gold bottle represents wealth and is said to bring good fortune to all who indulge.

 “Deor has seen tremendous success in its limited distribution thus far, and we see great potential for this brand on a larger scale,” says Alex Guarachi, CEO and president of Guarachi Wine Partners, which pioneered Chilean and Argentine wines in the United States and is a global importer and marketer of wines.