Key Technology ( introduces the reengineered Iso-Flo® with monobeam construction. This new family of vibratory conveyors features an innovative frame made of a single structural member. The monobeam conveyor’s frame and spring arms can be tucked completely under the conveyor bed. The narrow frame offers less than half the surface area of other Iso-Flo frames, fewer parts to clean and better access to the conveyor bed. The single beam design eases the sanitation routine and enhances equipment hygiene to reduce the risk of product contamination and maintain food safety.

The elegant and robust new structural design of Iso-Flo monobeam makes it ideal for a wide range of food processing and packaging applications. The monobeam architecture can be used on distribution shakers with side discharges as well as transfer shakers, collection shakers, feed shakers and inspection shakers. With the frame and spring arms located under the conveyor bed rather than on both sides, monobeam inspection shakers enable laborers to get closer to the bed for improved product visibility and ergonomics.

In addition to the sanitary enhancements associated with its simplified frame, the single beam design offers the sanitary advantages of traditional Iso-Flo shakers. The stainless steel conveyor bed features a standard rotary polish within the product contact zone, which resists bacterial attachment and biofilm formation compared to a 2B mill finish. Standard oil-free drives, elastomer isolators, scalloped flat bars, internal ground arms and no laminations maximize equipment hygiene and help meet rising sanitary standards and regulatory requirements. The monobeam frame is sloped to prevent product and moisture build-up that can harbor bacteria.

“Iso-Flo is widely recognized as the premium vibratory conveyor for its superior sanitation and reliability. Key’s dedication to continuous improvement keeps our technology at the forefront,” says Peter Wood, product manager at Key Technology. “The new structural architecture of the monobeam conveyor enables us to apply the Iso-Flo in a new innovative way. It’s a concept that is field-proven – the customers that have been using our new monobeam shakers are asking for more.”

With Iso-Flo monobeam construction, there are no significant limitations in length or throughput compared to traditional Iso-Flo shakers. Monobeam conveyors can be floor-mounted with four legs or two legs on T-bars, or they can be mounted to other machinery or suspended from overhead. These versatile conveyors are ideal for processing and packaging fruits, vegetables, potato strips, potato chips, nuts, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, confections, snacks, bakery products, cereals, grains, seeds and more.

All Iso-Flo conveyors, including the monobeam models, use independent, frame-mounted drives and spring arm assemblies that distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor bed in a controlled natural-frequency operation. They are backed by Key’s industry-leading five-year warranty, which ensures equipment reliability and limits the processor’s total cost of ownership. All standard Iso-Flo conveyors feature the CE mark and UL certification.