When you're a fast-growing company that's sped from a few products to 50 SKUs, how do you keep up with packaging and delivery demands?

Navitas Naturals, a superfood company, found the answer when they turned to longtime packaging partner Veritiv™, and discovered a company that could evolve with them.

Customer's Challenge

Navitas initially came to Veritiv for sourcing and the development of innovative packaging that fit their unique products and retailers. This included corrugated and distinctive stand-up zipper pouches. As the product line expanded, so did their need for packaging solutions. That's when Navitas realized that Veritiv did much more than sourcing and design – Veritiv also provided automation services, supply chain management, logistics, warehousing and inventory management.

Veritiv's Solution

"Our initial conversation was 'we need packaging for our product,'" says Brooke Golden, Director of Marketing for Navitas. "Our line extension has grown and Veritiv has found other delivery solutions that we can use. We're even talking to them about their larger suite of capabilities, including third party logistics. We're seeing how their breadth of services can meet the needs of our fast-growing company."