Leading packaging manufacturer, Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury (clondalkingroup.com) formerly Chadwicks, has produced the sleeves for a new range of water from the Powerful Water Company.

POW Energy Water brings the qualities of water to the energy drink category. Made with natural ingredients POW is a low sugar, low calorie sparkling fruit-flavored energy water. With only 1.6 grams of sugar per 100ml and less than 50 calories per 440ml bottle, POW Energy Water offers consumers real choice in functional drinks. It is the first natural energy water to be launched in the UK and Ireland.

Clondalkin has produced three variants of the sleeve for three different flavors: cranberry and apple, coconut and lime and citrus and zest. Recyclability and the environment are important to POW Energy and the move to a 100% recyclable sleeve with a stronger recycling message on is a great step toward having a sustainable packaging strategy.

Ken Dunlop, sales manager for Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury, comments: "It's always exciting to be involved in a new product launch. The sleeve design is simple, yet striking and complements the product inside."

Founder Ed Woolner from The Powerful Water Company says: "This was a new product for us so the packaging was really important. We've been very pleased with the overall service received from Clondalkin Bury and hope to be putting more orders their way very soon. We have exciting plans in 2016, launching in Sainsbury's, Boots and Spar, and Clondalkin are a great partner to help us grow the business."

POW contains 100% natural fruit and the plant extract Stevia. The caffeine comes from natural Guarana with added Ginseng root and Vitamin B. Mineral salts are added to aid rehydration. Every 440ml bottle of POW contains 44 calories and less than two teaspoons of naturally sourced sugar from fruit.