There is a new contender in the spicy food world. The Powerful Pepper Company made its debut and brought its first product offerings to the greater Atlanta area and opened its online store to the public. 

The Powerful Pepper Co. is the brainchild of Jay Gleaton who has a background in food, music and marketing. While he couldn't figure out how to marry all three, he's come close in his venture to bring delicious sauces and products to market. His recipes were produced in his kitchen for years, until he realized that making hundreds of bottles of sauce and selling them to friends and hot sauce fans every weekend was getting crazy. So he decided to go public.

The Smoked Mango Habanero sauce is a thick, sweet, spicy and smoky offering that adds a brilliant amount of heat to eggs, tacos and can lift the ordinary to the extraordinary level. The other sauce, Southern Spicy Pickled Okra, is crisp and spicy with pequin chili peppers, habanero and a lemon slice for some nice citrus notes. Upcoming products include a Serrano, Pineapple, and Plantain sauce as well as an Extra Spicy Jamaican Jerk seasoning made from premium spices and herbs.

The glass bottle has custom artwork by local Atlanta artist, James Cory Webster.

Powerful Pepper Co. can be found at festivals all over Georgia. The company is currently in the process of bringing products to food markets in Atlanta including places like breweries and restaurants that are interested in partnering.