In response to growing demand for more sustainable, case-ready packaging for fresh red meat and poultry, Sealed Air ( recently expanded its line of Cryovac® Darfresh vacuum-packaging technologies as part of a strategic alliance using Harpak-ULMA’s Mondini Trave® tray-sealing technology.

The new system uses specially formulated top film and bottom tray to create a vacuum skin consumer pack that fits the product like a second skin. The top film seals firmly but gently around every contour of the product without distorting its shape. The top web and tray are then heat-sealed together right up to the product’s edges to produce a securely and hygienically sealed pack.

Unlike most packaging systems that cut the excess film from around the flange, each Darfresh on Tray package is sealed using only the necessary amount of film, eliminating film waste and improving efficiency.

As the Mondini Trave system pulls film into the machine, a patented system cuts the film to fit the exact size of the tray. Once the lidding is cut free from the roll, a vacuum shuttle system transfers it to the vacuum chamber and tray-sealing head. The top film is heat-sealed to the tray to form a completely flat seal right up to the edges of the product. This process results in a compact package produced with up to 35% less material than what other available tray-skin offerings require.

The result of using Darfresh on Tray is a pack that:

  • Reduces risk of cross contamination;
  • Processes at speeds 35% faster;
  • Has zero film scrap and up to 40% less material waste;
  • Can more than double the shelf life of a protein compared to typical mother bag packaging;
  • Prevents juices from leaking through the seal;
  • Provides consumer convenience through an easy opening easy-peel corner;
  • Increases point-of-sale competitiveness by allowing many tray colors, including clear, for increased visibility and attractiveness;
  • Guards against freezer burn during frozen storage;
  • Allows for better retail merchandising via a vertical display.