SUN Automation Group® (, a global provider of value added solutions to the corrugated industry, is pleased to announce it has entered an agreement to sell, install and service the CleanPrint Chemicals' specialist biochemistry cleaning system throughout North America.

CleanPrint Chemicals ( is a leading formulator and manufacturer of cleaning products and systems for the box industry. The Australian patented (patent-pending in US) automatic delivery system and cutting edge chemical technology protects equipment by removing dried ink from the internals quickly and efficiently - we all know the damage and cost of the dried ink. It dramatically improves traditional methods of cleaning anilox rolls and associated equipment, saving users hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in increased uptime and preventive maintenance improvements.

“CleanPrint has become the standard in Australia and New Zealand and we are working hard to bring our revolutionary and eco-friendly solution worldwide,” says Geoff Literski, CEO of CleanPrint Chemicals. “When looking for support in North America, we quickly realized that SUN Automation is the best in the market for retrofits. SUN provides our customers with the skill set, engineering prowess and customer service to get the job done and done right. SUN is very highly respected in the industry and this matches our own ethos of product quality and customer service. ”

For SUN Automation, the partnership offers the opportunity to supply customers with a proven and effective 'Cleaning in Place' system for keeping chambers, pumps, ink lines, anilox rolls and other internal components clear of dried ink. When ink pump delivery systems get blocked up with dried ink, it is like running a car with no oil – massive damage can follow. Many box plants will run several 3-minute automatic rinse cycles through the system on color changes to obtain clear enough water to commence a new print run. With CleanPrint, the typical multi-rinse process is reduced to one 4-minute cycle that improves the job – reducing set-up, downtime and maintenance while increasing overall production without the need for costly and potentially damaging removal of rolls for cleaning.

“Keeping the ink delivery system and anilox rolls clean is one of the most profitable and simple changes a box plant can make,” says Literski.

Each plant currently using the CleanPrint system has gained a conservative one hour extra production per day which can equate to an extra 5,000-10,000 boxes. In addition, CleanPrint helps take pressure off the machine and allows it to run more effectively over time. Most customers also report smoother maintenance operations as the system is cleaner before servicing, as well as less replacement of ink pumps which brings significant savings. 

Beyond the inherent savings, CleanPrint is also eco-friendly. Not only does it save water use by reducing cycle times, it does so using natural and safe ingredients. The proprietary cleaning solution SUPER BIOCLEAN 5G is cutting edge chemical technology with a unique, breakthrough blend of safe, water based solvents and specially designed enzymes that rapidly and naturally liquefy and break down complex starch and dried ink molecules to ensure consistent results without any hazardous or corrosive effect on equipment and staff. It also aids in delivering cleaner waste water when working with CleanPrint systems.

“We always strive to be a value-added service and solutions provider to our customers,” says Ron Diedeman, president of SUN Automation. “With CleanPrint systems in our portfolio, we are excited about maintaining that commitment by being able to offer customers a sustainable competitive advantage that improves our customer’s bottom-line.”