Packaging Strategies: How has the LiDynamics® program positioned Flair as a leader in the lidding film market?

LiDynamics® product category manager Nathan Wilson: Flair has certainly enjoyed previous success in the lidding film market, but launching the LiDynamics® program earlier this year allowed us to expand our offerings to include a complete portfolio of lidding films. We recognize the growth potential in this market, and Flair is proud to be a single-source lidding film supplier. Between our extensive stock offerings for quick lead times and our ability to produce custom films through the expertise of our packaging engineers, we feel we have positioned ourselves as a leader in lidding film solutions. We are definitely excited about the future of this program.

PS: What films make up the LiDynamics® program?

Wilson: The program can be broken down into four main categories of films: TruSeal®, our permanent weld seal lidding films; TruPeel®, our peelable lidding films; PROVEN®, our dual-ovenable film; and RePeel®, our peel and reseal films. Through the various barrier types and versatile tray and container compatibility, these films work well for a range of products including prepared meals, dairy products, dips, spreads, salads, fresh vegetables and more. To help our customers, we created a Specification Matrix that highlights each film’s attributes and helps identify the correct film based on the customer’s application.

Flair can also provide custom lidding films to include specific gauges, rotogravure print or specialty solutions such as films for high pressure pasteurization (HPP) or retort processes.

PS: What advantages do Flair customers experience with the LiDynamics® program?

Wilson: We are thrilled about the positive feedback we have received from the market since the program launched. Customers have been particularly enjoying the competitive pricing and consistent quality of the films, which was a main focus of the program. We can offer short lead times by having these films in stock, while retaining the flexibility to produce custom films for specific applications. The LiDynamics® program complements our existing offerings of bags, pouches and other roll stock films, providing a full scope of products for
our customers.

PS: Where can interested customers get more information?

Wilson: We invite you to check out our website for more details (, which includes LiDynamics® product brochures and the Specification Matrix. Or, call us for more information at (888) 202-3522. Our packaging experts would be happy to talk through your packaging needs and find a solution that works for you.


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