Packaging is important. For food and beverage manufacturers, it is the embodiment of a brand. For those in the pharmaceutical industry, correct packaging can mean the difference between life and death. Regardless, the color, design, copy and content on packaging must be right. To help manage copy and content, some packaging management systems have added content management capabilities. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of systems that cater to the entire process. Most companies use applications that cover part of the process and handle the rest outside of the system.

Esko’s WebCenter is the only system that provides a powerful solution for packaging content management. This article will help you understand why you should consider a system like this, what does good look like and who has the know-how to help you get started.

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Packaging content management: Why?

In the first quarter of 2015 alone, more than 19 million food units were recalled. According to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), the majority of these recalls were packaging content related: missing ingredients, undeclared allergens and typos in drug instructions.

In fact, a study conducted by a global CPG company revealed that 58% of packaging errors can be attributed to packaging content, largely due to proliferations of packaging variations, lack of standardization and ownership, unstructured content communication and manually copying/pasting content during artwork creation. Adding a packaging content management system allows for a centralized and consistent experience for all text management requirements, reducing errors and time throughout the process.

Packaging content management: What does good look like?

A Packaging Content Management System should be able to standardize the content management process, define clear ownership throughout the process and optimize the communication with the various stakeholders involved.

Packaging content management can be very complex. For each type or variant of packaging there is a different amount of content and regulatory compliance requirements, languages, and the external involvement might vary.

Ideally there is a system that provides a standardized, automated workflow that captures the existing or desired process. This will allow for preset stakeholders to be defined in advance, integration into external systems where pre-approved content can be kept and an established process with operational reporting showing where and how improvements can be made over time.

Packaging content management: Who has the know-how?

Esko’s WebCenter to the rescue!  Esko’s WebCenter is the only system that provides a powerful solution for packaging content management. What’s more, it is woven together with the packaging development process.

The WebCenter Content Management solution is a WebCenter module to specify and manage content, which will then be placed into artwork designs.

The Esko WebCenter Content Management offers:

  • A repository / library for your text content with full meta-tagging capabilities
  • Re-use of your structured content across multiple projects
  •  Support for both multi-language translation-based workflow and a single language scenario
  • Export to and import from other systems in industry standard formats
  • Ability to view and edit your text in the context of your artwork in the WebCenter Viewer.
  • A complete approval workflow
  • Established content rights facilitating the ownership at different stages

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