Products are being shipped all over the world. There is no place on the planet where any manufactured product cannot be shipped, but you need to ensure that the product reaches its destination in excellent condition. One way to do this is by getting the packaging right. When you make sure that the package will travel well without having any detrimental effect on the product inside, your customers will be happy. Let’s learn how to get this crucial step right.

How to choose the right product packaging

Consider the physical traits of the product

Choose the appropriate packaging material based on how you are going to send it. Determine how susceptible it would be to various environmental elements such as temperature, sunlight, moisture etc. Pay attention to any physical stress such as impact, vibration, compressions and surface contact that the package will be exposed to. You must consider special packaging if the products are perishable, expensive or hazardous. Use packaging materials such as anti-static wraps, vapor, heat-shrink wrapping, etc.

Reduce the packaging profile

When you reduce the profile of the packaging, you can minimize the freight costs. Most freight rates for air and ocean shipments are mainly structured on a weight/measure basis, which means that the dense cargo is billed at the actual shipment weight while the lighter cargo is billed according to the displaced volume.

Enhance product visibility

Ensure that there is visibility of you product as most products are typically stored and handled multiple times. You can do this by incorporating barcodes, GPS technology and radio frequency identification tags into the product’s packaging. 

Use eco-friendly packaging materials

Try to choose packaging materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable. This will not only make them sustainable but also help in making your company go green. For example, you can opt for cornstarch-based packing peanuts or recycled corrugated cardboard.

Reasons to weigh products before packaging

Processes become simpler

When you use check weighers and conveyor belt scales throughout various processes, it will become much easier, convenient and faster for your employees to complete their tasks. With automated packaging, you can achieve high accuracy and a refined package at the end of the process.

It maintains uniformity

Most companies, especially the pharmaceutical and food industries, must create a product of an accurate weight that is consistent throughout the line of production. This helps them deliver dependable products to their customers. This is why you must use conveyor scales and check weighing scales to weigh the products quickly and accurately. Additionally, when all the products are regular in both weight and size, it will make the packaging and shipping easier. Accurately weighed products will also enable you to find the best packaging materials and shipping solutions to minimize costs and corresponding expenses.

Health risks are reduced

Food and pharmaceutical industries must ensure that the packaging of their products promotes safety. When the production is reliable and scalable, the occurrence of health risks will be minimized significantly. Weighing the food products will help in creating exact measurements of the packaging. By consistently weighing the products before packaging and shipping, you can understand where the goods and materials are being lost.

How can you make shipping a success

Shipping of products can be an extremely daunting task if it’s not done properly. Handling multiple orders from various locations around the globe is definitely a big ask. Add a number of processes in the mix, hundreds of employees and other logistics, it just gets more difficult. To make this complex process a success you can employ effective shipping techniques such as creating an integrated and easy-to-use shipping interface, tying up with third-party drop shipping and working with shippers who meet your exact needs.

Best shipping practices ensure that your products are delivered successfully. Apart from a non-damaged product, you will have a lot of smiling customers in the end.