Long Island Iced Tea Corp., a company focused on the ready-to-drink (“RTD”) tea segment in the beverage industry, unveils a new 18-ounce bottle and label design for its flagship Long Island Iced Tea® brand.

Company CEO Philip Thomas states, “As our brand continues to build momentum with retail and distribution partnerships forming across the East Coast and Midwest, now is the perfect time to refresh the look of our labeling and packaging.”

The new label has a bolder structure with more cleanly designed label features, placing a stronger emphasis on the brand’s premium ingredients such as natural fruit flavoring and the health benefits of non-GMO and 100% raw cane sugar, which is unique within the RTD tea market. The real fruit photography with naturally made moisture droplets accentuates the authentic and fresh spirit of the Long Island Iced Tea products.

Another unique featured added to the new bottle design is the customized bottle cap printed with a refined Long Island Iced Tea logo along with informative health cues such as “no additives”, “non-GMO” and “low calories” for the diet options, further reinforcing the health messages.

“In addition to the ‘better for you’ message, we wanted the label to immediately evoke thoughts of our core concept – a premium and refreshing beverage – while at the same time subtly incorporate our brand elements such as white weatherboards, which are synonymous to the beach and coastal areas on Long Island," Thomas adds. The premium look of the new packaging contemporizes the Long Island Iced Tea brand whilst celebrating heritage and cultural associations to it.

The introduction of the new bottle will see the package size change from a 20oz bottle size to a 18oz bottle size, with the sleek and slimmer design being more compact, making it easier for customers to carry and consume.  The new bottles are expected to reach retail stores in early 2017.

 “While our new bottle and refreshed designs will begin to roll out across stores at the start of 2017, what will not change is the same great taste of Long Island Iced Tea® that our valued customers know and love,” Thomas says.

Long Island Iced Tea is a RTD tea available in both single-serving and gallon bottle sizes, with flavors including Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Mango, Guava, Southern Sweet Tea, Green Tea & Honey, Half Tea & Half Lemonade, Diet Lemon and Diet Peach.