Goglio Cofibox S.p.A. has merged into Goglio S.p.A. (goglio.it/), following the approval of the project on the part of the respective Boards of Shareholders.
Both companies, part of the international Group with parent company Goglio SpA, are active in the packaging sector sharing production phases and general services.
Starting its activity some decades ago, the Goglio Cofibox plant in Cadorago (Como, Italy) has developed its business in the coffee packaging and has expanded in the production of labels and sleeves for soft drinks bottles. The operation aims at rationalizing the economic, financial and administrative management and will achieve economies of scale by the integration of administration and governance units.
This merger in particular will unify the purchase function, rationalize the EH&S, administration and control organization, the IT systems management, research and development and quality management.
Furthermore Goglio SpA will seamlessly take over in all relations referring to Goglio Cofibox.
“The merger ... is an essential step to enhance the efficiency of the Group together with economic, financial and asset goals” declares Franco Goglio, president and CEO.