As the “milk label” battle continues against manufacturers who are using the “milk” name, fairlife is announcing a new design to better communicate that fairlife ultra-filtered milk is real, dairy milk.

To better help educate consumers and differentiate dairy vs. plant-based beverages on the milk shelf, fairlife’s new icon and unique packaging focuses on key attributes of fairlife ultra-filtered milk communicating the real milk and nutrients from dairy cows, making the cow front and center.

The new design also draws more attention to the dairy cow because it is at the heart of fairlife. fairlife co-founder Mike McCloskey started his career as a veterinarian before turning to dairy farming and under his guidance, fairlife discovered that the best milk comes from healthy, happy cows. As a result, fairlife treats their cows with the utmost care making sure that their cows are fed well, treated humanely and live in comfortable, stress-free conditions.