LOCK N’ POP™(locknpop.com), a premier load containment solution provider from Muller LCS and part of SIG, introduces a new applicator that can monitor application amounts automatically for its water-based cohesive that forms a chemical bond with packaging surfaces and holds firm until it’s time to un-stack the pallets. The new system, named Unitizer 150F, can signal the customer when applied amounts of product are out of range, thereby assuring proper application without having to periodically weigh samples of the applied cohesive. For customers securing loads using only LOCK N’ POP without additional stretch wrap, this allows for peace of mind that the product was applied correctly and consistently without having personnel constantly supervising the operation.  

The LOCK N’ POP system is durable, cost-effective and provides a virtually maintenance-free solution over other traditional pallet securing methods. The water-based cohesive is stronger than stretch wrap alone and is cold applied, making it safer than hot melt. It’s especially popular with poly bag applications like animal feed. Traditionally, bag applications are secured with stretch wrap which can weaken or topple over in transport because the poly material will force the bags to slip off each other and stretch the film to where it can no longer support the load. With LOCK N’ POP the bags are adhered to each other during stacking- eliminating any slipping or need for stretch wrap.

“The LOCK N’ POP system has been a proven load containment solution for over 50 years,” says Rosanna Cavanaugh, Business Manager, LOCK N’ POP and Lachenmeier NA. “Our longevity is a testament to our commitment to continuously innovate and meet customer demands.”

In fact it was out of demand that incorporating a sensor that could monitor flow was developed. In warehouses where pallets are stacked high on shelves, safety is a top concern. Customers were eager to have greater assurance the cohesive was being applied and at the quantity desired and have the ability to regulate flow, range and amount. 

The new applicator comes with PLC control that provides customers the ability to regulate and track cohesive flowrate, range and amount.  The unit can set off an alarm or integrate with the plant as required, should flow rate be off. A history log also allows technicians to access the last 1,000 logs to identify any patterns or see when the system went down. The flow sensor control can be retrofit on older U75 models. The simple retrofit can be done in 30-minutes and includes replacing the control box with a larger more sophisticated version.

“Now as our customers move to more automation and have fewer personnel to monitor application, they can store product on high shelves with greater confidence,” says Cavanaugh. “Information is critical in the warehouse and since optimization, safety and control are of utmost importance, we are thrilled to offer our customers a solution to their growing needs.”

LOCK N’ POP cohesive can be applied with or without LOCK N’ POP equipment- which is compact, inexpensive, and virtually maintenance free. Unlike solvent or latex based materials that may be hazardous or difficult to clean and maintain, LOCK N’ POP solutions are completely water-soluble, and require minimal maintenance on application equipment. Formulated with FDA approved ingredients, the cohesive can be applied to ambient as well as refrigerated or frozen goods.