With single serve drinks systems continuing to grow in popularity, there is an increasing requirement to balance the demand for capsules with sustainable packaging solutions.

RPC Bebo (rpc-beboplastik.de) has now developed an innovative coffee capsule material that is able to be industrially composted while still delivering long-term protection of the contents and being able to withstand the high pressurised operation of coffee machines.

The new Bebo B2nature™ material features a special multilayer sheet which incorporates an effective oxygen barrier to deliver a long ambient shelf-life and maintain the aroma and quality of the coffee in the capsule. Within 12 weeks of industrial composting only a minor amount of capsule material is left thanks to efficient decomposition, which is assisted by the coffee itself, as it provides valuable nutrients to the compost and improves the nature of the soil. The material can therefore be certified for industrial composting, based on key European and U.S. norms.

Equally important, the compostable capsule retains comparable strength and durability to one made from conventional capsule materials to ensure efficient filling and sealing, together with reliable operation in pressurised coffee machines.

“B2nature™ means consumers can benefit from the convenience of small portion packs by providing a sustainable means of disposing of them,” explains Matthias Michaelis, RPC Bebo’s business unit manager, Thermoformed Barrier Packaging.

“Equally important, the material also offers the high level of protection that means the freshness, aroma and quality of the coffee are not compromised.”