WaveGrip, part of bpi Group, an RPC Group (rpc-group.com) company, is a complete can multi-packing solution for companies of all sizes from craft breweries to multi-national organisations that want to improve existing line efficiencies by up to 30% with lighter, stronger and more environmentally sustainable materials.

The new WaveGrip solution is the most efficient and environmentally-sustainable beverage carrier system on the market, with the versatility to be adapted for all types of drinks businesses, from smaller artisanal producers to high volume operations. The applicator technology can improve line efficiencies by up to 30% while WaveGrip Carriers are produced using advanced lightweighting technology and strength-enhancing polymers to create a carrier that securely and efficiently collates product according to individual customer requirements. Carriers have been rigorously tested to meet the high standards of the retail sector, and enables easy pack reconstruction to avoid spoilage.

The carriers are value-engineered to be lighter but stronger and use less plastic than any existing solution, while securely collating cans to the rigorous standards required of the retail sector.

Less obtrusive than anything presently on the market, WaveGrip carriers can be applied lightning- fast for mass producers by the 2000+ cans-per-minute G3 applicator. The carriers can also be automatically applied for mid-level producers by the efficient, scalable, mid-range G2 applicator or manually by small-batch producers with a G1 applicator.

RPC will be showcasing the breakthrough technologies which deliver new levels of environmental sustainability for the rapidly growing canning market. Fully recyclable and photo degradable, the carriers reflect the WaveGrip ethos of environmental responsibility exemplified by the zero-to-landfill policy for their manufacture.

Also featuring on the RPC stand at this year’s Interpack will be a variety of solutions that provide effective product protection and extended shelf life for food products, including the WorldStar-winning Twist Cup with screw lid – the latest in a long line of award winning packs.