For consumer packaged goods companies (CPG), the need to mark and code products at high speeds, with little to no errors, is of increasingly high value. With CPG companies growing SKU counts, utilizing a range of packaging formats and materials, and a variety of printing technologies, the need to control production line printing information and eliminate unwieldy marking and coding processes is a must.

Matthews Marking Systems’ unique MPERIA® universal print management platform seamlessly integrates with your existing CPG packaging production, allowing you to get your products onto retailers’ shelves faster. Implementing the MPERIA® platform simplifies print and information management throughout primary, secondary and tertiary packaging lines, helping you to meet compliance regulations, reduce marking and coding costs, create global messaging consistency, and reduce production downtime. MPERIA® is scalable, allowing you to control one or multiple print heads or production lines, including Matthews’ print heads as well as competitor print heads. This scalability allows for brand consistency, whether it is within the same manufacturing plant or across the globe. MPERIA’s flexible architecture and library of standard plugins—along with the use of common protocols—keeps integration costs down and makes equipment upgrades easy. Unparalleled system performance allows limitless extensibility to multiple lines and plants to keep up with your growth.

MPERIA® is a brilliantly simple method of integration. Via both wireless and Ethernet connections, MPERIA® connects with ERP, MRP and WMS systems to transfer production information into templates maintained in a centralized database. There is no need for specialized server software or hardware and additional custom integration is easy using standard XML, Command or Line Action protocols. All of this helps to reduce coding errors and eliminate the labor required to modify locally stored information whenever an edit is made.

MPERIA® also features an intuitive, touch screen controller interface with built-in image editor for easy message creation and selection. This single interface enables data to be encoded on primary products, secondary cartons, and tertiary labels or film overwraps without the need to access or update multiple systems. MPERIA® features three models:

MPERIA® Lite features a 7” screen and is the base model controller that manages one VIAjet™ printing technology. You can upgrade for expanded functions, including the number of controlled devices.

MPERIA® Standard features a 12” screen that is ideal for primary, secondary and tertiary marking and coding. It supports all VIAjet™ printing technologies for simultaneous print control and upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of VIAjet™ devices and functionalities.

MPERIA® Harsh Environment (H.E.) features a 15” screen and the same capabilities as MPERIA® Standard, but with a 15” touchscreen in an IP65 stainless steel enclosure, making it suitable for harsh environments.

For operations with frequent changeovers—including both product changes and modifications required to meet the specific requirements of unique customers— MPERIA® populates all line-side printing systems with the correct imprint information automatically to accommodate the next product’s manufacturing run while minimizing scrap. It also incorporates integrated client and security levels to meet regulation coding and track and trace requirements. And, to reduce operational expenses, MPERIA® offers productivity assessments, monitoring the status of each printer in the network.

CPG packagers who must meet inventory supply targets set by retailers can utilize MPERIA® for direct carton marking. The on-demand imprinting of graphic logos, brands, fonts and/or messaging onto secondary packaging cartons made of corrugated fiberboard can be tied to specific products through the universal marking system controller. The universal network allows for communication between printing lines. On-demand printing minimizes secondary packaging costs because pre-printed cartons no longer have to be purchased, stored, inventoried or scrapped due to obsolescence.

The benefits of having MPERIA® a universal print management platform are many. In addition to simplifying the marking and coding process, it reduces production downtime, reduces errors, and reduces cost-per-print.

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