Axon (, powered by Pro Mach, presents its newest shrink sleeve label applicator and shrink tunnel combination designed specifically to meet the needs of the craft beer industry – the EZ-150SL and ThermoFlow. This shrink sleeve duo applies vibrant, eye-catching labels at up to 150 cans or bottles per minute. 

The applicator and tunnel combination was developed for breweries that will benefit from flexibility in labeling specialty and seasonal beers, as well as those that have no desire for paying a high price for pre-printed cans. When a new label is needed, operators simply change a roll of film on the EZ-150SL. Shrink sleeves provide a more vibrant retail-shelf presentation, on average, than either printed cans or paper labels. In fact, most consumers can’t tell the difference between blank cans covered from top to bottom with colorful film labels and preprinted cans other than the labeled cans look more lively. Axon puts the ‘EZ’ in machines in terms of easy to operate. The EZ-150SL features a rugged stainless-steel frame that provides years of service.

The ThermoFlow is a new, compact, self-contained shrink sleeve heat tunnel designed for use with the EZ-150SL. The ThermoFlow features a 15-PSI low pressure steam generator and condensate collection system. Because it is low pressure, craft brewers will not need special licensing or certifications that are required for the operation of high pressure boilers. Furthermore, the ThermoFlow easily adjusts the amount of steam appropriate for the size of container to minimize energy consumption and to achieve proper shrink to the label. These units offer quick, tool-less changeovers between different package sizes and types. ThermoFlow features a rugged frame and stainless steel construction. It can easily be rolled out of the way when not in use.  

Axon also offers a full line of new and “Axon Certified Refurbished” labelers rated at speeds below and above the EZ-150SL. The company works with craft brewers across the country to identify the best labeling option, one that provides a migration path as the brewer’s business grows.