Shrink-sleeve labels deliver eye-catching graphics that outshine paper labels on bottles and offer far more cost-effective and attractive options than pre-printed cans. Axon offers a range of new and refurbished labelers and shrink tunnels designed for all levels of the craft brew industry including packaging.

Axon (, powered by Pro Mach, featured examples of vibrant craft beer shrink-sleeve labels as well as low-cost labeling machines and shrink tunnels at BrewExpo America in early May. These automated machines will help craft brewers effectively promote packaging brand image with distinctive and instantly recognizable bottles and cans.

Shrink sleeve labels offer more graphic excitement than paper labels and are significantly less expensive and more vital than pre-printed cans, giving craft brewers the flexibility to decorate short run and/or seasonal offerings. Automated Axon labelers drop the pre-printed film sleeves over bottles or cans, which then pass through a heat tunnel that shrinks the film to the unique contour of the package.

Axon offers both new and “Certified Axon Refurbished” labelers and shrink tunnels, providing solutions for small and large companies alike. Axon is displaying a Certified Axon Refurbished EZ-130 and its Thermodash shrink tunnel at BrewExpo America. The EZ-130 is a compact machine that automatically labels up to 150 bottle or cans per minute. EZ series machines are proven easy to use, reliable, and rugged technology for the craft brew industry. The Thermodash is a compact, energy efficient heat tunnel that brings the precise shrinkage characteristics of steam to customers at a cost comparable to convective heat tunnels.

“Shrink labels are a proven means of catching the eye of the consumer with impactful, memorable graphics,” says Bob Williams, vice president and general manager, Axon. “Axon works with brewers to ensure that the optimum labeling solution for the company’s budget and production level is provided.”