Axon ( powered by Pro Mach, recently launched the new SLX 600, providing fast and precise sleeve application with PLC monitored trouble free changeover on production lines operating at up to 600 units per minute.

“The SLX 600 will impress customers with its speed, accuracy, and simplicity, and we are proud to be demonstrating the machine at the inaugural ProFood Tech show,” says Bob Williams, vice president and general manager, Axon.

The SLX 600 features a simplified film path that facilitates film loading and high speed sleeving operations. Since the changeover process can be learned quickly, management gains the flexibility to station freshly trained operators to the applicator without worry of damage to the equipment or excessive downtime between SKUs. A dual servo timing screw precisely controls product position and sleeve application during the production cycle. The speed of the SLX 600 is fully automated and calibrated to line rate, allowing the applicator to automatically speed up or slow down as needed.

The timing screw system features a unique quick release design for fast changeover. Axon offers the option of incorporating its new patent pending thin film delivery system on the SLX 600 for film thicknesses down to 25 microns. Thinner films mean material cost savings and more sustainable packaging. The SLX 600 meets PackML programming standards.

During changeovers, key mechanical adjustments are electronically monitored by rotary encoders and precision lasers. The operator selects the associated production specific recipe via the main HMI. Stored adjustment values will display on the secondary HMI, showing both current and targeted positions. When the target position matches the stored position, the associated fields change color from red to green. Once all fields are green, the monitoring system unlocks and allows the machine to start. The machine continually monitors this data to ensure the machine stays in correct adjustment throughout the production run.