New user-friendly collaborative robots (“cobots”) help food and beverage processing and packaging companies dramatically boost production output, reduce waste, and cut downtime in line changeovers. Atria Scandinavia implemented collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots to increase production efficiency while keeping staffing costs down. Atria employees can quickly program and implement these user-friendly robots with minimal training and no bulky shielding or safety cages. In fact, Atria plans to scrap a traditional, shielded industrial robot and a bulky packaging machine and automate all of its packaging lines with flexible UR robots. 

Universal Robots gives Atria these advantages:

  • Line changeover downtime cut from 6 hours to just 20 minutes
  • Carton waste reduced by 25%
  • Side-by-side collaboration with human workers
  • No shielding or bulky equipment to take up floor space
  • Optimized output for fast-paced, variable processes
  • Easy programming and redeployment

"We were all completely new to UR robots and I was impressed that it was so easy to get started. They’re very different than other robot brands as they are very logical and intuitive to work with. It simplifies the deployment of robots that we can build solutions for our production in-house."

Johnny Jansson, Atria Technical Manager

This ebook will help you kickstart your first cobot project, stepping you through decisions on:

  • Throughput
  • Parts & Presentation
  • Grippers & End effectors
  • Reach & Payload
  • Connectivity & Integration
  • Programming and much more

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