While the ancient Chinese drink of kombucha may have originated centuries ago, it has never been more popular in the U.S., becoming the fastest-growing market in the functional beverage category. Leading the charge in the beverage’s popularity is Dallas-based Holy Kombucha, whose crisp, vibrant and bubbly fermented tea has catapulted them to become one of the Southwest’s most prominent kombucha brands. As Holy Kombucha realized their potential to revolutionize the space, the company called Berlin Packaging (berlinpackaging.com) to help not only plan for growth, but also appeal to a wider audience. 

As part of their charge, Berlin Packaging, alongside its design subsidiary Studio One Eleven, gave the bottle a facelift in order to be more streamlined and operationally effective. The new 16.9-ounce Holy Kombucha bottles boast wider, 38-mm necks, making it easier for customers to drink and faster to fill when compared to the previous “glass vinegar bottle” mold. The tall, round bottle includes a high shoulder which allows the brand to maintain the integrity of their label that includes their “Drink Well, Do Better” tagline. Additionally, Holy Kombucha’s signature dove logo flanks both the base of the bottle as well as the newly designed vented cap at the top of the bottle, further cementing the brand’s identity. 

Berlin Packaging’s structural design, financial management and operational process equated to multiple benefits for Holy Kombucha. Most significantly, Holy Kombucha’s production rates quadrupled. Berlin Packaging was also able to improve Holy Kombucha’s overall profit margins by creating a more efficient bottle and guiding the brand to upgrade equipment, which in turn improved production time and decreased labor costs. Aesthetically, Berlin Packaging’s structural design reflected the fun and whimsical essence of the brand, yet provided a more mature and mainstream identity, improving its shelf appeal. 

This “coming of age” story is far from retirement as Holy Kombucha has national expansion plans, is gearing up for an impeding launch of “Yerbucha,” and is diversifying in other realms of the healthy living space.