Finnsusp Ltd., a privately owned Finnish manufacturer and full-service wholesale dealer in the optical business, has moved its contact lens care solution products into bottles produced by RPC Promens Industrial Turku (

The new 120ml and 360ml blow-molded HDPE bottles combine light weight and easy handling for consumer convenience with a large decoration area for effective branding and on-shelf presence.

RPC Promens Turku executed the project swiftly in close cooperation with the Finnsusp product development and quality teams.

“RPC performed very professionally and communication worked very well during the process,” says Ms Inna Laaksonen, production manager of Finnsusp Ltd. “Overall, we are happy with the outcome. We expect sales of these products to grow which will lead to more intense co-operation with RPC Promens as well.”

In terms of innovative Research & Development, Finnsusp can be said to be a forerunner and leading player in its field. Both BioSoak and BioTwin, Finnsusp’s two major products, take advantage of an innovative biological cleaning agent to make them unique in the global care solution market. In addition, BioTwin was one of the first care solutions on the market to contain hyaluronan as the moisturising ingredient.

Ninety-five percent of the company’s annual care solution production is exported throughout the world including South America, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 2.5 million bottles are delivered alone to Brazil each year.