Precise Packaging, ( a strategic partner offering complete aerosol and liquid product solutions from formulation development to product design, compounding, filling, labeling, packaging and more, introduces its innovative twist-top spray bottle for personal care products. The package is designed for user convenience, transforming a spray product for consumers to carry with them in a small, easily portable dispenser.

The twist-top spray bottle combines a small glass or plastic pump spray bottle with an acrylic tubed outer shell with removable top over-shell and base. The pump spray bottle sits securely in the acrylic base and the tubular over-shell fits over it. Twisting the base pushes the pump up through an opening in the top of the over-shell for dispensing. Another twist pulls it back down, similar to how a lipstick tube functions.

“This package is ideal for on-the-go personal fragrances and sampling multi-packs,” says Judi Brown, Precise Packaging’s director of business development. “The small pump spray bottle can be removed and replaced with a refill container of the same or a different fragrance or formulation. A multi-pack could include several refills for sampling purposes and variety, offering brands an opportunity to cross-sell their products and expand consumers’ exposure to an assortment of their offerings.”

It is also well suited for certain types of other liquid spray products such as hair serums, depending on their viscosity. The actuator can be customized to deliver a fine mist spray or wider spray patterns to fit the product formulation and use. The acrylic over-shell can be litho printed, screen printed or labeled for branding purposes. The over-shell and base are available in a variety of colors.