La Bella has enhanced its line of skin and hair products featuring ingredients inspired by Latin beauty secrets passed down for generations and repackaged everything with bright, vibrant colors. 

La Bella prides itself on featuring culturally-relevant ingredients within each formula of the brand’s line of hair and skin products such as honey, mango, avocado, coconut and plant placenta. The powerful blend of these natural ingredients combined with rich vitamins and antioxidants results in healthier, younger looking skin and nourished, strong hair. 

The product line has hit shelves with redesigned bold and vibrant packaging that aptly represents the La Bella woman. Graphics of the hero ingredients adorn the front along with key product and benefit information for easy identification.

La Bella recently introduced a new moisturizing duo to its line of shampoos & conditioners to amp up hydration for soft, shiny and healthier hair. Enriched with honey and mango extracts, the new collection quenches your hair in moisture to repair damage and brittleness and keep it protected against future damage.

The new design also encompasses the company's skin care line comprised of luxurious oils and creams to restore, rejuvenate and soften dry skin as well body care beauty and cleansing bars that gently clean, leaving skin nourished, soft and more radiant looking.  

The La Bella line of products are sold in select Walmart, Target and Walgreens stores or online.