Pregis LLC ( has launched Inspyre protective packaging brand. The spectrum of color possibilities help enhance the customer experience with a unique unboxing experience, and provide visual support for cause marketing and/or charitable campaigns.

“As e-commerce continues to grow, brands have less opportunity to physically connect with their customers, oftentimes making the first connection when the product is delivered. In most cases, that product is wrapped with packaging that’s clear or neutral, offering the protection needed, but not really enhancing the unboxing experience,” explained Clint Smith, product manager, Pregis. “Inspyre changes that by using color to heighten the connection between the brand and the consumer.”

The first product Pregis is offering under the Inspyre brand is a 12-inch wide, low-density polyethylene hybrid cushioning (HC) packaging film. The initial stock color offering will be water blue. Custom colors will also be available.

“For many of us, opening a delivered package evokes the same kind of excitement that used to only happen when opening a gift. It’s why so many people capture their unboxing experiences and share them on social media. Adding more color to the mix is just one more way for brand owners to delight and connect with their customers,” Smith said. “We also see curated color options as a way for companies to signal their participation in ‘cause’ marketing campaigns and other promotions.”

Hybrid cushioning features multiple air chambers in a proprietary square pattern that provides superior, high-pressure cushioning and a premium aesthetic preferred by consumers. Flat, perforated rollstock is mounted onto Pregis’ AirSpeed HC Versa system, which creates the rows of small air-filled pockets as the air is transferred between the individual chambers. HC is ideal for cushioning, blocking/bracing and wrapping.