Sanofi has redesigned packaging for Nasacort OTC nasal spray to address consumer insights and merchandise more efficiently on the shelf. The new packaging includes the use of a more modern design and structure, including a window to see the product clearly.

Nasacort Allergy 24HR is a scent- and alcohol-free nasal spray that provides 24-hour relief of sneezing, itchy runny nose and the toughest nasal allergy symptom – congestion. It does this by blocking the body’s responses to allergens and reducing inflammation in the nasal passages. However, in a category with so many treatment options, consumers can find it challenging to differentiate between what is available – making the packaging key. 

To help maintain brand equity and ensure that existing consumers are not confused or alienated, packaging graphics have been enhanced to boost shelf impact, while retaining certain established brand elements. The packaging includes the same colors but in a brighter palette and the same logo, but is 35 percent larger. 

The packaging also includes claims that are important to consumers and help differentiate Nasacort from its competition, such as the fact that it offers 24-hour relief and is non-drowsy, scent-free and alcohol-free. It also features a window that displays two bottles, which makes Nasacort the only intranasal steroid (INS) to clearly display two bottles in its multi-pack so the value is easily visible to shoppers.