A new, lightweighted glass bottle with unique embossing designed for Cider Lubelski—the most popular Polish cider from brand owner AMBRA S.A.—was created by Ardagh Group (ardaghgroup.com) and the Spiritus Movens Design Studio in Poland. The agency was tasked with emphasizing the natural cider production process using sustainable and distinctive on-shelf packaging.

Cider Lubelski Classic, Cider Lubelski Unfiltered, Cider Lubelski Antonówka Unfiltered and Cider Lubelski Honey are variants of the premium cider for which a new, lighter glass packaging was created. The new bottle emphasizes the light, refreshing and natural character of the drinks, which was one of the most important aspects of the design brief.

To reduce the weight of the new 400ml clear and green glass bottles, the NNPB production method was used, saving an estimated 10 percent weight in each bottle, while maintaining the cider’s high pressure requirements. Lightweighting also meant using fewer natural resources, which translates into environmental benefits.

An unprecedented new embossing design has also been created using large, bold letters depicting ‘Cydr Lubelski’ around the bottle neck and shoulder.