Ball Corporation's ( newest beverage can innovation is helping customers put a colorful lid on their aluminum cans. The new Cameo End Printing extends customer branding to the top of the can, making the top pop and adding appeal for consumers.

The company just debuted the Cameo End Printing at the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference April 30-May 3 in Nashville.

"Ball's Cameo End Printing delivers both branding advantages for our customers, and functional benefits for consumers," said Jay Billings, vice president, commercial, for Ball's beverage packaging North & Central America business.

"For our customers, Cameo extends the can's 360-degree billboard to the top of the package, further increasing brand visibility and offering exciting new possibilities for contests, special promotions and limited release packaging. For consumers, Cameo makes searching for your favorite brand easier in coolers and convenience stores, where the top of the can may be the most visible part of the package."

Cameo will be available in early 2019.