Recognizing new trends in beverage packaging, American packaging firm Ball Corporation is debuting three new can sizes to its slate of beverage package offerings. The three new sizes, namely 25 Cl Sleek, 45 Cl Super Sleek, and 90 Cl King, first debuted at drinktec 2017. However, both the 90 Cl and 45 Cl versions are already available and in use in the Russian Federation by domestic beer brewers in response to alcohol excise duties in that country.

Ball sales manager Irina Dolyanovskaya says the new sizes fill a demand that has emerged across several European countries. “The new 90-centiliter and 45-centiliter cans allow our customers to maintain their products at an affordable, standard price on shelf. These can sizes are seen as more premium and are becoming the new industry standard for the Russian beer market, gradually replacing standard 50-centiliter cans. Although created primarily for the Russian market, we have seen demands for similar can sizes in other countries. ...”

The 25 Cl can will soon enter the market in western Europe, utilized by customers including Nestlé and San Pellegrino. Ball touts the new model’s modified 202 end, which is designed to ease transition to the new can size.

Ball marketing manager Marianne Freund says that the new cans demonstrates the firm’s commitment to meet the beverage packaging industry’s continually-evolving demands. “These three new can sizes are a prime example of how our customer needs are at the heart of what we do. With customers continuing to present Ball with unique requirements, our wide range of cans continues to evolve to meet their needs within their specific markets. Ball promises to listen and respond to these needs in the most effective way possible by identifying the right packaging solution for the right occasion. We are dedicated to innovating cans that truly fit to the consumer.”