Karlville's (karlville.com) open house was a great opportunity for this year’s Global Pouch Forum attendees to learn about the latest flexible packaging innovations. More than 300 guests, including customers, prospects, brand owners, co-packer, suppliers and partners, where able to tour Karlville’s Tech Center in Miami to see all machinery highlights presented this year.

The packaging and converting company received the unconditional support of these sponsors: HP, Dow, 3M, Widmann, HDG, ebeam, Pearl Technologies, Thom, ePac, Green Plant and Hiperbaric.

Karlville says it looks forward to hosting this event in the future, which is a pre-event function during the annual Global Pouch Forum in Miami.

Ready for the next Global Pouch event? Find out more about Global Pouch West, in its new location—Tempe, Ariz.—on November 13-15, 2018 at globalpouchwest.com