TEKLYNX International (teklynx.com) has launched LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE and SENTINEL. These barcode labeling software solutions are built to improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and automation for manufacturers of all sizes.

According to a recent TEKLYNX survey, an overwhelming percentage of barcode labeling software end users indicated an opportunity to improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and automation: 

  • 45 percent of end users do not have a standardized labeling environment.
  • 60 percent of end users said they have manual steps in their label printing process that could be eliminated with the use of labeling print automation.
  • 70 percent of end users spend more than 30 seconds generating a single print request.

“Today’s manufacturing environment demands reliability, stability and ease-of-use as companies of all sizes look to succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace,” said TEKLYNX General Manager Doug Niemeyer. “It’s the driving force behind TEKLYNX’ 2018 product launch as we introduce our most-intuitive, feature-rich barcode labeling solutions to date to better support our customers’ growing demands.”

The barcode labeling software solutions offer compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Some additional highlights by product offering include:

Several of the product platforms have been completely updated, paving the way for future innovations in barcode labeling. “Our approach to product development and innovation is both thoughtful and pragmatic,” said TEKLYNX Vice President Alex Guderzo. “We’ve invested heavily in product development resulting in barcode labeling solutions that will not only benefit end users today, but well into the future.”