Control Techniques Americas, an Emerson Industrial Automation ( company, is supplying variable frequency motor drives for use in a new automatic in-line labeling system from Nita Labeling Equipment, a labeling machine manufacturer based in Quebec, Canada. Nita’s new SynerG XP200T incorporates a Control Techniques Commander SK AC drive and two Epsilon EP Servo drives to accurately and consistently position and apply pressure-sensitive labels to both the front and back of a wide variety of containers such as glass and plastic bottles, F-Style bottles, jars, jugs, tubs, and pails.

Control Techniques high performance drives were selected for their demonstrated precision, power, reliability and long life span, key selling points for Nita labelers. “The Emerson drives we use are the brains of our technologically advanced labeling systems,” says Ken Hubscher, Nita’s VP business development. “These drives process our powerful software that controls the perfectly synchronized labeling application systems we build.”

 To achieve this synchronization, the SynerG XP200T includes “never-move” fixed position sensors, a Commander SK variable frequency drive to control conveyor speed, and three Epsilon EP Servo drives to control the encoded motors driving the labeler heads. Nita’s SmartSync™ smart-drive communication system ensures complete synchronization of all labeling functions including conveyor and labeling head speeds, spacing belts, wrap stations and orientation systems. The SmartSync™ system works as one to stop, start, slow down or accelerate to meet changing production requirements and to flawlessly apply labels regardless of speed, container bunching or interruptions. This fully synchronized application system can operate at speeds up to 200ft/min and attains positioning accuracy within 1/32-inch.