Nalbach Engineering ( has introduced a new Modified Atmosphere Packaging System (MAPS) for the food and beverage industry, the Nalbach SLX (Shelf Life eXtension) System.

The Nalbach SLX is a MAP system that flushes a package with an inert gas such as nitrogen to displace the oxygen within the package. This process gives products such as coffee a much longer shelf life, retaining their distinctive aromas and flavors. The SLX is capable of reducing the residual oxygen (RO2) level to as low as less than 1 percent, depending on the application.

The system design eliminates bacteria harboring screens within the gas flow system and the rails can be easily disassembled and then reassembled for thorough cleaning. It has also been designed with fewer parts and has no consumables eliminating the cost and time associated with routine replacement of parts.

The SLX Crossflow Purge Chamber is used to purge the product on-the-fly as it enters the filling system. It eliminates the need to pre-purge the product as well as the surge/feed hopper prior to entering the filler.

The Nalbach SLX Cooled Gases system reduces the temperature of the gas used to flush a package. It cools the gas immediately before it enters the container and requires no additional energy to cool the gas. The colder gases tend to remain in the package and not dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere reducing the amount of gas required. (Patents are pending.)