LBK Nails has altered the way consumers pick their polish, with a new multi-functional cap for its nail polish bottles that allows consumers to "try on" the color before purchase.

All 48 shades of the gel-effect nail polish are topped with a cap that allows consumers to “try on” a color without opening the bottle.  With a sleek hinged design, it creates a would-be plastic nail painted with the exact color tone of the bottle’s contents. It then overlays the consumer’s real fingernail to give the impression their nail is painted in that color.

“I’ve worked in the professional nail care industry for 30 years, and I’ve paid close attention. I’ve taken that insight and coupled it with tireless research over the last four years to develop and acquire patents for a universally practical product," said Tony Kemeny, founder of LBK Nails. "Its design is useful to both professional nail techs and at home consumers. Retailers love the potential of it. It meets all the criteria for a product that revolutionizes how people find their new favorite nail polish.”

The new packaging takes away the guesswork, without having to open the bottle and risk a potential mess for cleaning up spilled polish. Bottles and retail displays aren’t damaged, no product testers are needed and customers have fewer returns. 

The revolutionary bottle cap houses a nail polish that is vegan, 100 percent cruelty-free, gives a gel-effect without led or UV lamps and is also 7-Free ‒ meaning it’s free of seven of the most toxic chemicals typically found in nail polish.