neuro, a line of great tasting drinks with a purpose, reveals 2014 product innovations that align with the primary benefits consumers are seeking in functional beverages. In response to consumers’ demand for healthy, effective, great tasting beverages, neuro is unveiling two delicious new flavors for each of its top functional drinks, SONIC, BLISS and SLEEP. Additionally, the bottle label will take on a new look with a design overhaul, highlighting the drinks’ proven benefits and new flavors.

“To continue to develop the brand at point of sale, we honed in on the top three functions consumers desire most, to offer more choice while experiencing the same proven benefits,” says Paul Nadel, president of neuro. “Our number one goal is to always meet and exceed the changing needs of our customers, while delivering a quality product.”

The six new flavors were refined based on a series of quantitative consumer tests and currently exceed category norms for all key metrics. The newly designed packaging also tested well with consumers in pursuit of function and variety. Keeping in line with neuro’s mission to inspire consumers to live interesting, healthy, fun and passion-filled lives, the sleek bottle designs are brightly colored making the category functions easily recognizable.

SONIC, the drink that provides sustained, focused energy, will introduce the new flavors blood orange passion and super fruit infusion. BLISS, the drink that reduces stress based on the proprietary combination of L-theanine and chamomile, will be available in white raspberry and summer citrus berry; and SLEEP, the drink that promotes restful sleep with a blend of nighttime ingredients melatonin and magnesium, will come in the new flavors of tangerine dream and mellow mango.

The delicious new varieties will hit shelves beginning in January 2014 at retailers that currently carry neuro drinks, including Target, Walgreens, Safeway, 7-11 and other national grocery, convenience and drug stores.