Hydralign, a line of products manufactured by Butler Automatic (butlerautomatic.com/hydralign), continues to succeed within the rapidly changing manufacturing landscape by offering COR-SAFE safety chucks.

Hydralign safety chucks provide superior roll support and torque transmission for web processing production lines. Interchangeable parts minimize downtime resulting in long-term production cost savings. With an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility located in the U.S., Butler Automatic is able to supply exceedingly high-quality products on a dependable basis.

Since Butler Automatic utilizes lean and continuous improvement assembly practices, it has helped Hydralign meet its developing consumer base demands by ensuring rapid delivery of stocked and customized orders. COR-SAFE Safety Chucks are available for immediate shipping in light and medium duty models – both foot and flange mount.

John Gonsalves, purchasing manager at Butler Automatic, states that Hydralign’s current fill rate on safety chuck orders is 95 percent, with a company goal of 100 percent.