Veritiv Corp. ( has joined the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), a program to help sellers, merchants and manufacturers obtain certification of their products as Frustration Free Packaging, Ships-in-Own-Container and Prep-Free Packaging.

With APASS certification, Veritiv can provide package-testing services in compliance with Amazon’s certified test methods directly to sellers, merchants and manufacturers. The company will help sellers design innovative yet functional packaging that is intended to meet Amazon’s strict standards and create efficiencies through lower damage and improved material sourcing.

“Amazon sets a high standard for its APASS program, but Veritiv meets the criteria,” said Matt Reddington, director of sourcing and product management for Veritiv. “We are pleased to be part of a program where we can leverage our expertise and networks to provide Amazon vendors with quality, sustainable packaging that not only supports the arrival of their products intact and undamaged, but gives their customers a good unpacking experience.”

Veritiv offers services such as: in-house package design and prototyping, ISTA certified testing, material analysis and international sourcing of packaging materials. The company’s creative design network offers full service structural design, graphic design and performance validation testing to deliver innovative, material neutral solutions to domestic and global customers.